Habitat Management and Restoration

Wildlife and Wetlands Solutions provides habitat restoration and invasive species treatment services.

Habitat & Vegetation Management

Our experienced team is ready to tackle even the toughest landscape.

Invasive Species Control

Our licensed applicators are trained to eradicate anything from garlic mustard to poison ivy, small to large scale infestations.

Forestry Site Preparation

With over 13 years of contracting with the State of MI, USDA Forest Service, Corps of Engineers and many local conservation districts we have the ability to prep any forest site.

Land Clearing & Site Preparation

The combination of an experienced team and specialized equipment not typically used by traditional landscape companies makes WWS an unbeatable resource for clearing and site prep.

Got Poison Ivy?

We offer a two-treatment process starting at $300 based on location and coverage area.

Solutions for Our Habitat

Wildlife & Wetlands Solutions is a habitat management and ecological restoration company that specializes in large-scale regeneration and invasive species control, native seeding and planting operations, and shoreline restoration. We primarily service the Midwest but have traveled outside the region for large-scale projects. Contact us today for additional information.

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