About Us

Wildlife and Wetlands Solutions was created in 2007 in response to the growing need for responsible and
quality invasive species control and habitat rehabilitation. This need was recognized by Ernie Kafcas, a
biologist by education and profession. Since that time, Ernie’s son, Nick, and a partner grew the
business to the point of expansion through popular demand. Nick, who became sole owner on
December 31, 2018 has a B.S. in Biology – Wildlife Management from Central Michigan University and
has extensive experience in vegetation and habitat management. Prior to becoming owner of WWS,
Nick spent four years as a Wildlife Biologist for the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, managing
thousands of acres of Wildlife Habitat Management Areas. His education and experience is a perfect
precursor to growing, owning and operating Wildlife & Wetlands Solutions. Nick’s current goal is to make
WWS the premiere vegetation management and habitat rehabilitation company in the Northeast.

The WWS crew includes qualified and experienced equipment operators, habitat technicians and office staff committed to providing our constituents with excellent project management and execution from start to finish.

Constituents of WWS include the State of Michigan, the US Forest Service, the DNR, and many local conservation districts and planning commissions.

Nick Kafcas

Mikayla Leishman
Wildlife Project Coordinator

Melissa Coolman
Office Administrator

Solutions for Our Habitat

Wildlife & Wetlands Solutions is a habitat management and ecological restoration company that specializes in large-scale regeneration and invasive species control, native seeding and planting operations, and shoreline restoration. We primarily service the Midwest but have traveled outside the region for large-scale projects. Contact us today for additional information.

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