Invasive Species Control

Invasive Species Control

WWS has a team of licensed applicators able to identify and treat a vast variety of native and invasive species including, but not limited to: garlic mustard, autumn olive, phragmites, bittersweet, coltsfoot, buckthorn, cattail, Japanese barberry, knotweed, thistle, poison ivy, vinca and wild grape. The team is able to treat affected areas using techniques including hand-swipe, backpack, hack-and-squirt, cut-stump, and a variety of ATV and truck mounted sprayer options.

Solutions for Our Habitat

Wildlife & Wetlands Solutions is a habitat management and ecological restoration company that specializes in large-scale regeneration and invasive species control, native seeding and planting operations, and shoreline restoration. We primarily service the Midwest but have traveled outside the region for large-scale projects. Contact us today for additional information.

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